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Formal education: Greentree public grade school, Andover, Harvard, Harvard Law (plus public administration and city planning)

With thanks to Elmer John (EJ) Harrison for founding Harrison Construction company that financed my education.

With thanks to Max Clark Harrison, his son, for his unswerving commitment to his children’s education and for placing himself and his company in the top tier of Pittsburgh’s esteemed corporate leadership, a transcendence that benefits all his descendants.

With thanks to Helen Clay Rigg Harrison, Max’s wife, and her mother, Clara Clay Ewing Rigg, for their unswerving commitment to their children’s care, faith, talent, and character development.

Spiritual education: A Course in Miracles; University of Earth; I Ching; archetypal Jungian psychology and Greek mythology; mentoring; personal and professional relationships; mysticism; Protestant Christianity.

Professional experience: Journalism (San Gabriel Valley, LA); law (Pittsburgh); city planning (Boston); regional leadership networking and open space policy (Boston Harbor islands); management consulting (Boston); regional-interstate flood management study direction and policy development (Connecticut River Basin); national water policy consulting and publication (Washington); interstate-international leadership networking for water management policy (Red River Valley of the North); regional-interstate leadership networking, organization, and training for economic development (Monongahela River Valley); IT web customer support and IT asset management (Louisville, CO); Front Range health management security operations (Denver); freelance writing mainly for personal website publication (Los Angeles).

Personal interests: Healing and awakening; relationships and grandparenting; the meaning of life and the origin and fate of the universe; practice, learning, and sharing of the message of Christianity in A Course in Miracles; reading, writing, and connecting; personal memoir; life of the intellect through curiosity, learning, reflection, reasoning, and theorizing; theoretical physics (cosmology and quantum gravity); spiritual engineering, philosophy and psychotherapy; personal, spiritual, and character growth; fitness; mentoring; American history and democratic governance; progressive causes; Democratic Party politics; lyrical piano jazz; whimsical humor; raising hell and having fun.

Recognition: Boulder County Democratic Party Volunteer of the Year 2003-2004


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