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P Is for Poetry

Encased in every word is the memory of what gave rise to it
Events in human experience that caused a thought
Or discovery, that brought forth a feeling
Of melancholy or joy, regret or pleasure, satisfaction
Or despair.

Encased in every word is the story of how it came to be
And the message it has just for us alone
In the place where we are at
If we will let it flow through our minds and hearts
Our bodies, their sensations

Affect us until we alight in its place like a butterfly
In a clearing
Come to a woodland of strange and wonderful sights
Creatures of sound and movement, touching
And laughter wanting us to be there with them
Their place of wonder

With poetry
With words
Our friends

To a friend with love and whimsy
Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, 2021

Inspired by P Is For Poetry: Poems from Irish Poets
Edited by Seamus Cashman, Illustrated by Corinna Askin and Alan Clarke
(The O’Brien Press, Dublin, 2020)

3 thoughts on “P Is for Poetry

  1. Marlene

    Missing what “might have been”...instead of celebrating “what is”
    As the butterfly lights on many a flower, searching for just the right one, a selection is made from what is available not for what might have been , yesterday...
    Anyflower, may be the choice and it is “perfect”, depending on how it is viewed, then gently nurtured and cared for. It blossoms before our eyes.
    One must closely observe the subtleties, to take in the beauty and characteristics that are uniquely there for the patient observer.
    Let us all be patient nurturers.

    Anna Marie, my 3rd baby, left us on St. Patrick’s Day 42 yrs ago. On March 13th. 43 years ago, Julianna Delaney was born. What a gift we received!

    Now a little baby boy was born on March 13th to join Julianna’s family, Julie delivered this precious one.

    Good night, dear friend. Life continues on it’s way like a slow moving River🌈


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