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The Broadway bully

Should I sign onto a social media service like Mastodon?  That might attract more interest in my blog? More readers who would devour my posts and reward me with their own insights? Pat my vanity with praise and even feed gluttony with the largesse of advertisers?

Walter Winchell became a slave to his gossip column in the New York Daily Mirror. Every breath devoted to feeding the monster to satiate its ravenous audience. Turning both column and its author into freaks of tabloid journalism. A grotesque version of the trap I could wind up in if wooing a mob of fools were my goal. It's not my goal. I want no part of being caught in a trap feeding a monster so it can feed more monsters.

The romance of two-way reciprocity

A very nice monster is feeding me insights when and where it feels like it. Spontaneously, for the benefit of individuals. Not clumps of statistics making fools of themselves over bits of confetti that go viral. My every breath is devoted to protecting the conditions that make it welcome. Rest, exercise, and food for mind, body and soul. Healthy personal relationships. All formulated for mental peace, strength, and clarity. So far, the monster is happy and productive and I'm happy, too. We have a healthy relationship. It's not me or the monster that's producing. It's the relationship, my main concern. Attempting to industrialize the process could corrupt the relationship. Turning two-way reciprocity into one-way exploitation -- not my style. 

Claustrophobia is good!

Winchell’s monster responded to exploitation by taking over his life. Thoughts, feelings, values, work, relationships -- everything. It corrupted him and because of his outsized influence eventually corrupted society. Adding to the damage done by McCarthyism because it kept the house full. All to satiate his column and the gossip-mongering troglodytes who fed on it.

Individuals can't extinguish our selves, our integrity, if we maintain equilibrium. Messing with groups is where the trouble starts. Where equilibrium ends, with anything "social." Social media services beckon with the lure of groups we think we own until the truth sets in. Mr. “Truth Social” may think his bizarre idea of “truth” captivates his “social,” but ”social” owns him. The power he wields is wielding him. He’s created a monster that isn’t nice. That’s dividing us worse than McCarthyism. That's not power. That's captivity, pure and simple.

Claustrophobia protects me from that kind of "power." Gimme freedom! Gimme power that works from the bottom up. Gimme democracy! But don't get me wrong -- Mastodon sounds great!

The Hon. Charles Schumer, Majority Leader
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Re: Defense of Democratic Majority Rule of Law

Dear Senator Schumer:

When liberties granted to us by our Constitution are abused by extremist minorities for the purpose of overturning it our democratic leadership must respond aggressively to defend it. The cult of Mr. Trump, who lost the election, means to overturn democratic opposition until he is restored to power and his rule is absolute. I urge our democratic leadership to take steps at once to forestall this event beginning with abolition of the filibuster.

Do not wait for citadels of democracy to be overrun again to suspend or repeal the 2nd amendment and outlaw the NRA. Be prepared to declare martial law. Do not hesitate to outlaw acts that empower Trump's cause including donations, misinformation, and their sources if they persist, including "news" outlets, social media, and the thoroughly corrupted Republican party itself.

Majority rule by law has historically been held hostage to the South and other minority interests to preserve order for too long. It only emboldens and empowers them to do lasting harm. National security is now imperiled along with the Constitution and democracy. The time has come for the democratic majority to assert itself and expel minority thugs from the citadels of democracy once and for all.

Thank you for your inspired leadership on behalf of the majority. God bless.

David C. Harrison
January 30, 2021